Friday, May 27, 2011

The Beginning of the Blog

Welcome to my blog. I plan to post twice a week, each entry will be around 500 words. There may be exceptions on length, such as author interviews.
I have to admit, getting my blog up and running has been one of the most challenging things I have attempted. Through this process, I was reminded of another “challenging” venture, I’d like to share with you as my first post:
                                    Photo credit: Joezachs (dreamstime)

I was alone on a plane flying from Chicago to New York City’s JFK Airport. I was an independent artists’ representative, carrying the portfolios of about fifteen artists to promote and hopefully procure work, from publishing house art directors. I was exhausted from preparing for the trip and glad to be on the plane, so I could relax. But, once the announcement was given that we were beginning our descent, it finally hit me what I had done. I was landing in New York City for the first time and I knew no one; I about lost my lunch. I had no office to call for reinforcement; it was up to me. In addition, after three days in New York I was going to fly to Boston (again, I knew no one) and do the same. What had I been thinking? I had visited companies in the Chicago area, but this was “the big guys in publishing.” To top it off, it was a rainy day.
After landing, I collected my baggage and managed to find a taxi cab so I could get to my hotel. I was very guarded as to what to say to the driver as one of my best friends, who had lived in Manhattan, had admonished me before I left, “Don’t let those cab drivers take you for a ride,” meaning don’t let them drive you around in circles to just get a higher fare. After I settled into the back seat, the cabby asked me:“Where are you from?” I hesitated, but, I answered quietly: “Chicago”.
“Really, I love Chicago.  It’s so much easier to get around than New York. I’ll give you a tour.” As we drove and he pointed out interesting landmarks, I found myself relaxing and thought maybe New York residents were just people, too, they just moved faster.
Well, I made it to my hotel and once in my room I learned the definition of small in New York. The size of my room made any Holiday Inn look like a luxury suite. My first meal was a take-out at Kentucky Fried Chicken (how New York) and I left my new $20 collapsible umbrella at the counter, and what do you know, it was long gone when I went back to get it.  
Next time I’ll share the outcome of my trip.
Did my story remind you of a new and unpredictable venture you attempted?

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  1. WOW, Tammie! This is AWESOME! A wonderful blog in every way! CONGRATS and HEAPS of BLESSINGS on your newest endeavor. . . :-) And what a clever way to be sure your readers will come back to read the conclusion (or next part) of your big city adventure. One of these days, maybe I'll catch up with you with my own blog -- until then, I'm content to blog once a month on I'll maybe (??) get to WTP for a day or two -- still not sure. Til then or sometime. . . :-)


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