Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Beginning of the Blog (Part Two)

            In my last post, I shared with you some of my experiences from my first trip to New York City as an art rep (see blog archive) and compared it to starting my blog. Here is the rest of the story:            

Before I faced my initial day of appointments, I had to hail my first taxi cab in the city. I stood in front of the hotel, timidly raised my arm and a cab zoomed over to the curb and stopped in front of me. I immediately stepped back and my eyes widened in surprise of the result of the wave of my hand. It was in and out of cabs and art director’s offices for the next three days.  
Before I left the city, I had received a marriage proposal from a cab driver and began giving directions to tourists (yes, geographically challenged me). One thing I will always remember is the kind art director who took an interest in me and gave me names of people to visit around the city.

                                    Photo credit: Joezachs (dreamstime)
When I arrived back at JFK Airport to catch my flight to Boston, to do the second leg of my trip, the limo driver took me to the wrong terminal. I had only thirty minutes to get to my gate, so I ran through the airport with a carry-on bag and a purse over my shoulder, dragging three portfolios. I heard a motorized vehicle behind me and soon the driver, an airport employee, pulled up beside me and asked: “Why are you running?” I told him and he said, “jump in.” I took a seat on his vehicle, barely grabbing all my stuff before being thrown back against the seat as we sped through the terminal, horn honking to clear the way. But, I made my flight.
I sometimes think about that guy in the motorized cart and he reminds me of life. Just when I think I am defeated God sends someone along or something happens to remind me, He is still there.  Those trips (yes, there were more) I made to New York were some of the greatest times of personal and professional growth I experienced. And, yes, I was able to land a few book contracts for some of my illustrators, before returning to the editorial side of the desk to pursue my own goals.
I guess we will see what cyberspace has to offer in the way of adventures!
Do you remember a time when God intervened in your life through an unexpected source?
            I’m getting ready for the Write-to-Publish Conference, June 8-11 at Wheaton College. I’ll be chatting about that next time.

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  1. A great conclusion to your opening post! I always enjoy learning about my friends' pasts. . . :-)


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