Saturday, June 4, 2011

Which Writers' Conference Are You Attending This Year?

         Next week, June 8-11, I will be attending the annual Write-to-Publish Conference. I have been blessed to be on the staff of WTP for the past few years. We meet on the beautiful campus of Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. If you are interested in attending, we accept walk-ins for the whole conference or one day, so come and join us. I hope to post some updates and photos next week.
When I return, I will give away a copy of Writing So Heaven Will Be Different, 35 Years of Encouraging Stories from the Write-To-Publish Conference.

            If you are a writer, have you decided which writers’ conference you will attend this year? I believe it is very important to attend at least one conference a year. What you will gain is priceless. If cost is an issue, see if the conference you want to attend offers scholarships, which most of them do.
Here are a few of the many benefits I have received from attending writers' conferences:
            Craft: Classes for beginning and advanced writers are usually offered so I can learn from the expertise and experience of published authors. As writers I believe we must always remain students of the craft.
            Marketing:  In the “new reality” of publishing, I understand I need to market my work and myself. Today you find classes on establishing a “platform” and social networking, along with dialogue, description and devotionals.
            Network/Fellowship: Networking is a scary word for us introverted writers, but I have found when I am among other introverts and writers, we all become a little extroverted. Just think, though, where else can you talk to other people who understand why you write. I added fellowship, for at Christian conferences (as is WTP) we have that extra bonus of connecting with fellow believers.
            Knowledge: At a conference I can learn what is going on in the publishing world. Today with e-books, traditional publishing reducing their lists due to the poor economy and magazines folding, I need to keep informed of the changes.
            Meet those in the Industry: At most conferences there are representatives/editors from publishing houses, and agents looking to represent writers. I can meet with these professionals one-on-one.

Leave a comment about why you attend a conference and be part of the free book drawing.
Again, I am giving away a copy of the book, Writing So Heaven Will Be Different, 35 Years of Encouraging Stories from the Write-To-Publish Conference, edited and compiled by Joyce K. Ellis (Assistant Director of WTP) and Tammie Edington Shaw.


  1. I'm attending my first ACFW conference in September and the SCBWI conference in August. I'm coming to fiction after many years of non-profit organizational writing & technical editing . . . a bit timidly, with much to learn and many stories to tell. I would so love to win this book and can't wait to attend the conferences, especially ACFW!

  2. You're so right, Tammie. We should never stop learning and a conference is a wonderful way to learn as well as connect with other writers. Thanks for your input, I'll be following...

  3. I am attending a couple small local conferences this year. I am saving to make it to the ACFW or Mt Herman conference next year. Keeping my fingers crossed. I am anxious to meet more people and learn more about the craft!

  4. I'm going to ACFW, giving a workshop and doing critiques. I'm looking forward to getting to know members.

  5. I had hoped to make it to ACFW this year, but find myself unable to go since I'm still recovering from shoulder surgery and dealing with sciatic issues. I attended my first ACFW conference last year and was blessed. I'm praying things will be different for next year.

    Jodie Wolfe


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