Thursday, August 18, 2011


Last week I attended the Global Leadership Summit at Willow Creek Community Church (August 10 blog). It has always been two days that inspire and cause me to reexamine my life, my goals and how I can better serve and influence others for Christ. This year was no exception.

             The things that I learned at the Summit:
1.  My call to write reaffirmed. When I go to a writers’ conference or any other type of a gathering that explores how I can improve in some area, I ask this question: Does God still want me to write or is there another avenue through which I can serve? I left feeling that, “yes” words are a part of my means to influence others.

2.  Help the Poor. This is a passion of mine that is growing stronger. Every time I go to a venue that challenges me, I get a clearer picture of how I can do this.

3.  Replenish. I need to take time to slow down, relax and participate in activities from which I gain energy. If I don't, I begin to feel depleted and lose my passion for life. I also want to read and have a deeper understanding of God’s Word.

4.  Get Organized. I feel overwhelmed and I think my disorganization is part of the reason.

Sometimes I think I could be a conference junkie. I don’t want to leave once I am there. But, if I don’t leave, I will never grow, nor try to accomplish what I have been inspired to do.

Have you been inspired at a conference recently?


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