Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Put the Laptop Away . . . For a Time

            This month I have two writing assignments due so I write and edit, and write and edit. Although my writing is important and I want to fulfill my commitments, I also have two precious kids (a niece and nephew) who will never be the same age again that they are this summer. So, I have put aside my deadline for a while to draw and play Lego toys and laugh at things seven-year-olds find funny.
I haven’t been very successful at connecting in the past. I have another nephew who is a mature adult and a gentleman. I turned around a few years ago and he was eighteen and I had hardly introduced myself.
            Writer friends, don’t forget to breathe and spend time with those who are precious to you. Sometimes we get so focused and panicked about our work that we forget the things in our lives that really matter. Oh, the writing is important and I need to spend more time being serious about it. But, for a few days this summer, I will play and laugh and be awed at things the kids think are cool, even though I probably won’t understand what they are talking about!
            Don’t forget to redeem the time.

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