Saturday, October 22, 2011

I'm Chillin!

            I noticed that my laptop would get very warm when I worked at my desk, and also if I worked in another room with the computer on my lap. I needed a way to let the laptop breathe and not overheat.

            I took a trip to my local office supply store to look for a fan or cooler I had heard about. I found one that was on sale for only $20. The device, which contains two small fans, sits on my desk and I put my laptop on it.  A cable plugs into the laptop’s USB port and into the cooler. When it runs it makes a humming sound, which doesn’t distract me as I find it calming.
            It is also lightweight and small enough to take along with my laptop as I work in other rooms of the house. Since using it, my computer does not become so hot to the touch.

            Sometimes, something so small makes a world of difference.
            The link to the cooler I have is below. There are other brands and models. In fact, as I was pulling this post together I saw others I would like to try. Of course!
Link: I purchased the Laptop Chill MatTM by TargusTM .

Do you use a cooling device?



  1. I do use one. It really helps when you're working for a long time with a laptop. It also helps prolong the life of the laptop.

  2. I guess I better look into this. Thanks for the info.

  3. Hey Susan,

    It has made a difference for me! Thanks for reading beyond my latest post.


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