Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thanks, Lou Brown

Excuse me for taking a short break from my writing subjects to honor someone who molded me.

Today is the funeral of one of one of my Sunday school teachers and church youth leader. I live in another state and won't be able to attend. She lived to be 87-years-old. She laughed, prayed and counseled with us like we were her own kids. She would have us over to her house to participate in some activity to be together and learn from each other.
            I talked with her a few years ago and we were talking about the church in general, which she loved. We were talking about the contemporary music used in many churches, as opposed to hymns and she said: “You know, Tammie, I might not like all the music myself, but if it brings the young people in, I’m all for it!” I thought, God, give me that attitude when I reach my eighties.
            Lou recognized a leadership gift in me. After I committed my life to Christ, she pointed to me and said, “Tammie has a leadership gift and God will use her.” I’ve come to realize that not all leadership gifts are in the pulpit. We lead in our sphere of influence.
            I’ll paraphrase a line of a song we sing for those who molded us: Thanks, Lou, for giving to the Lord. You helped mold my life.

Is there someone who made a difference in your life when your were younger?

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