Friday, January 27, 2012

Do You Have the New Market Guide?

This week I received my copy of The Christian Writer's Market Guide 2012. When it arrives in my mailbox, it reminds me that it is a new year. Forget the writing mistakes of the past and start anew.
This book of 550-plus pages is a wealth of information on the writing markets in the Christian publishing field. It is divided into four sections: book and periodical publishers, specialty markets and helps for writers. In the last section you will find listings of editorial services, agents, contests and writers’ groups. You can also sign up to receive the guide automatically each year and freeze the current price (does not include postage).
Sally Stuart expertly compiled this book for over 25 years. It is now owned and produced by Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild.
In the introduction, we read that there are 384 book publishers and 582 periodicals listed in the new guide. So, set aside some time, make a cup of tea, say a prayer for guidance, and look for new writing possibilities.


  1. I got mine about a month ago, but I'm finding there's not much different from last year. I still get the new version every year, because things do change - like editors - and it's always a good idea to stay updated. I usually go through and star the markets that might fit with things I've already written or that I would like to target. It really is a necessary tool for any Christian writer who wants to get their work out there - whether they want to get paid or not. :-)

  2. Yea, I Know, Lynda, it sometimes looks the same, but there are always those little changes that later we say, oh, I wish I had known that! Happy Writing!


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