Friday, January 13, 2012

Remember Pen and Paper?

      For Christmas one of my friends gave me a beautiful journal with a mauve cover. I love to rub my hand across it, because it feels so soft to the touch. Another friend gave me some pens I told her I liked. The two gifts were a perfect match for a writer. Of course, this isn’t the first journal they have bought me, as they have given me some beautiful ones over the years, and I tell them I can never have too many!
I have started writing in the new journal, even though I feel I haven’t gotten myself into a routine of writing at my computer for the new year. So, my point for this post is don’t beat yourself up for NOT being at your computer, but begin by taking your pen and paper, and just write the old-fashioned way.
            I was in high school when I realized I enjoyed writing. That realization came about because I started journaling. I think that was the beginning of the blank books being readily available. My father used to laugh when I bought one, because there was “nothing” inside. I wrote about my life, my dreams and one time I kept what I called a “Travel Journal” when my family went to Florida for a summer vacation. I still have that one and well, many of my journals. I guess I did a lot of “honing” of my writing in those early books.
            Write about your frustrations with your writing, what you want to write, what you would like your life to look like, if you didn’t have the dreaded “day job”. If a scene comes to your mind for a novel or screenplay, write it down, because there are no rules for your journal. And you don’t have to show it to your critique group, unless you want to.
            Do you journal? Have you kept them over the years?

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