Friday, February 3, 2012

EBooks: Do You Really Read Them?

                                                                      Stanislav Butygin
            I know eBooks are around to stay, and not a passing fad. But, I have to admit, I really don’t read them.
I have downloaded some eBooks for free and also purchased some. I don’t have an eBook reader, but I did download the free Kindle App from Amazon to my PC. I have purchased novels, marketing books from some authors I know, and some historical informational books. But, honestly, I haven’t read many of them.
So, I asked myself: “Why?” These are the reasons I came up with:  
I forget about them. I simply forget that I have the Kindle App on my PC. Maybe if I had a separate eBook reader it would be easier to remember, because I would see it and I could hold it like a book and maybe be more relaxed when reading. But, I also forget to read some of the electronic magazines I receive. I see them when they come in by email, categorize them to be read later, but then more emails come in and I forget about them. I seem to see my TBR (To Be Read) stack and know they are there, even though I don’t get through them all.
I still have the habit of printing things out.  One time I purchased an eBook on writing from an editor. Without thinking about it, I tried to print it out so I could read and highlight it. I couldn’t, so I emailed him and asked why I was having difficulty. He was surprised at my question, because he didn’t know of anyone who had tried to print it out.

Sometimes I print out blogs I want to read. Before I leave for work in the morning, I go through my blogs (via Google Reader) and if I see a blog I want to read, I will print it out and take it with me to read on my break at work. I do not have a mobile device yet, either, which would give me more options.
         I miss seeing the covers that draw me into a book. I used to hire designers and illustrators to produce book covers, at the publishing house where I worked. I still get awed by book covers. Will eBooks do away with great covers?
            I like the smell of books. Especially if it is a new book, I lift it to my nose and take a big whiff.  

I know I need to expand my reach into the electronic age, but, I haven’t become a major eBook reader, yet.

            How about you? Do you read eBooks?



  1. I didn't read many ebooks until my husband gave me an i-pad. I love that it has back lighting so I can read it in the car at night or in bed without disturbing anyone. I still prefer books overall; the covers, the pages... curling up with a good book is one of life's most delightful pleasures!

  2. Swore I would NEVER own a Kindle, never give up a paper book...until I got a Kindle. Love it! Absolutely love it! And when my mother-n-law was ill last year and I was traveling back n forth to Chicago to see her, I took plenty of Kindle books with me. Switched to text to speech and enjoyed hearing a book each direction. The most amazing invention since the printed book. And when offered the choice, will pick ebook anytime. yeehah!

  3. I'm with you, Tammie -- love the feel of a book in my hand, like looking at the cover, turning the pages, etc. I tried an ebook, but it just wasn't me. Regarding your previous post: I just bought by Christian Writers Market, too! To me, it is 550 pages of hopes and dreams!

  4. I LOVE my Kindle and I've read dozens of books on it over the two years I've owned it. I can take it anywhere and know I'll always have plenty of reading material. And e-books don't require me to find space on my already overflowing bookshelf.

    Yes, I still read printed books sometimes, especially since not everything I want to read is in e-book format. But with the right cover, it feels like holding a book, and I can read it in low light just by increasing the size of the print.

    I'm a believer.

  5. I've had my Kindle for about 15 months and have read several books on it. Prior to owning the device I had the Kindle for PC and that was a real pain. Never liked it. I love not having to hold a heavy book with pages that won't open to the spine and print too small to read comfortably. In fact, one of the first ebooks I bought was of a book I was trying to read that had all the characteristics I just named. In addition, when I'd put a bookmark in the printed book, I ended up rereading a good portion of it just to figure out where I'd left off on those two pages. I probably read the first part of that book twice! With the Kindle, you know you left off somewhere on that screen and there aren't more than a few paragraphs showing. Less time wasted on rereading, more enjoyment in finding out what comes next. I love getting the free content and I love having several Bibles on it when we travel in our RV. I don't have to pack a bag full of books for those long trips. I received my Kindle a year ago November and when asked my resolution for 2011 I said, "Trying not to be addicted to my Kindle." I only succeeded because I spent months researching a project for which almost no information came in Kindle format.
    Donna Winters

  6. My husband gave me a Kindle for Christmas, a little over a year ago,
    at my request. :) I really do enjoy my Kindle. It's handy for taking
    places and nice to be able to adjust the print size, when my eyes
    are tired. (Of course, this has nothing to do with my age. Ahem. ) ;)
    It's much better than reading on a computer. But I must admit that
    I still love the feel of a book in my hands, the smell of paper and
    ink, especially when it's new. And there is a draw with lovely cover
    art--I can understand how you feel, Tammie. I like having the best of both
    worlds at the moment. I hope hard copy books don't disappear any
    time soon, but I do love the convenience of a Kindle.

  7. Hey All,
    Thanks for stopping by and chiming in. Good thoughts! Have a great rest of the weekend.

  8. Tammie:

    I swore never to cave in to the electronic book. For 40 years I was never without a book of some kind, usually a paperback jammed in my back pocket. I've read books at 30,000 feet in the air and +800 feet below the ocean's surface. Love them, eat them, cherish them, need them.

    And then I won a Galaxy Tablet in a contest. It had all the stuff the Ipad does including a Nook and Kindle capacity. I downloaded a free Bible on it and some free classics. Bleh, it was just OK.

    About a year ago I went to visit my mom in Florida. I decided to buy a book on Kindle as I didn't have time to run to the bookstore to get the one I wanted and the prices at the airport were too high. Oops.

    I haven't looked back. I've bought paper books now just when they are not available on Kindle. That's exactly 4 books in a year... I used to buy 50+ a year. My Kindle? That little monster is loaded with over 100 books. I read way more now than ever before with the Kindle. It can buy new books whenever I get a wireless signal. I can buy a book I read about in an article or review without moving two feet. At ACFW last year I bought two books by the people lecturing while I sat in their presentation. (Both pretty darned good books as a matter of fact.)

    Am I a fan.. whoa, yeah! It gives me the chance to take hundreds of books with me everywhere. They are cheaper than paper books, more convenient and I share my Kindle account with my mom and my wife. We all get to read each others books.

    Yes, the smell and cover art of a new book are a joy. But I've found a new joy in the convenience of the e-book.

    Thanks for the idea for this post. I'm going to throw it up on my blog at as well.

    Have a wonderful week!

  9. Oh, I adore my Kindle, when it took me a while to think about it. The main reasons? It hurts my hands to hold books open, and I hadn't really noticed much why I was starting to drop off in my reading, but that was one reason. My eyesight is terrible, so I love to make the print different sizes according to time of day, how tired I am, and what I'm doing.'s a great way to stay on the treadmill: one more chapter, a few more pages, just another paragraph...
    BTW, my next book is coming out in electronic format first.


  10. Absolutely! The only time I read paper now is when an author sends me a free copy for review, if I want to really mark one up (some non-fiction), or if it's just not available as an ebook (rare). LOVE LOVE LOVE the convenience, type-size change capability, light weight. It's a winner.

  11. Some great comments, again, today - thanks for the input. You're gonna make me go buy one!


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