Friday, February 24, 2012

Part III: What Holds You Back From Being the Best Writer You Can Be? Disorganization

            It might be difficult to believe that being disorganized can cause our writing to suffer, but, I think it is one of the biggest culprits in my struggle. I, and maybe you, too, have to work very hard at being organized.

            -At times, the paper and files around my laptop get so stacked up, that I can’t open it and insert a CD.
            -Stacks of books grow on my desk and on the floor around my desk.
            -I can’t seem to find what I need when I need it, whether it is a pen, calendar or notebook.
            -The disarray of my office causes me to shake my head and walk away; it is not worth the effort to start a writing project.

1.  A CALENDAR AT MY DESK. I work out a schedule every evening, for the next day. In the past, I have started a calendar and then I stop and find myself doing other things. But, this time I am making myself work the calendar. At the same time, I try not to “beat myself up”. When I don’t complete what I planned, I just change the plan for the next day.

2.  A JOURNAL OF WHAT WORKS/WHAT DOESN’T. I am trying to record what I am doing to make my writing more productive and what I learn from it.

3.  A CENTRAL NOTEBOOK FOR IDEAS. I have many ideas for articles, devotionals, short stories and books. I am taking a three-ring notebook and placing dividers in it for my areas of interest. I like to do this rather than have a file on the computer because then I can read it in a quiet place after I shut the computer down.

4.  PLASTIC STORAGE DRAWERS. I purchased some inexpensive plastic storage drawers of varying sizes to put next to my desk and also some small ones on top. I am in the process of using a drawer for each of my projects.

5.  PRAY AND COMMIT MY DAY TO GOD. I begin each day by reading my Bible and a daily devotional. I am also now asking God to guide me to a more peaceful and ordered existence.
 DON’T GIVE UP! Keep working at finding solutions, no matter how many times you have to try.

If you are disorganized what are you doing to overcome it? Please share as we all need each other’s advice!

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