Friday, March 2, 2012

Approach Social Media At Your Own Pace

Do you feel "left in the dust" when it comes to social media? Does a new way to interact in cyberspace pop up, when you haven’t signed up to use the current one? Even though we feel bombarded with new ways to spend our time, I believe we have to enter every aspect of social media at our own pace.

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I think I was one of the last holdouts in my writing community to take the plunge and start a blog. I would set a deadline to begin blogging before a certain conference or by the end of the year or after the first of the next year, etc., etc.
But, I also told myself that when I started blogging, I would blog, consistently. I would not blog for a few months and then stop for a while and then start again. I knew from visiting many blogs, that those who did not post consistently, I did not revisit. I thought when I started I could post two to three times a week. But, I soon realized that wasn’t realistic and I settled on once a week and, so far, I have posted every week for the past nine months.

I was feeling very good about having my blog, when someone commented to me after I had been posting for a few months: “I couldn’t find you on twitter. You are on twitter, aren’t you?” This statement was made in a way to me that it didn’t matter that I only had a blog, but I needed to do more. I was discouraged and felt I would never catch up, but then I remembered my blogging promise to myself, and reminded myself that I will be there when I get there. I am not on twitter, as of this post, but I have set a deadline to begin and when I do, I will TWEET on a regular basis.

So, my advice:  Jump into the areas of social media when YOU ARE READY and WILLING TO LEARN AND DO THE JOB. Listen to advice, but don’t be discouraged. Move at your own pace, feel comfortable with where you are, and pray for guidance.
What about you? What was or is your plan for jumping into social media? What is holding you back from exploring more areas?

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