Friday, March 23, 2012

Are You a Competitive Writer?

            Are you competitive? I’m from Indiana, (and yes, we do know more about basketball than those from other states!) so, when the NCAA Basketball Tournament comes around, I like to make my predictions. I have been in what they call “pools,” even though I don’t believe in gambling and I only participate for very, very, low stakes or no stakes at all; I just enjoy winning. I study the scenarios and choose my teams. I do have a strategy and I do pretty good I must admit, even though I haven’t followed college basketball closely for almost fifteen years. But, when some of the teams I choose begin to lose or even look like they are losing, well, I find my blood boiling and I walk away from the television fuming. And then I remember why I stopped watching basketball – I am too competitive and I struggle with being a good loser.  

            So, speaking of competition, are you competitive as a writer? How do you initially feel when you see an article or book published by a writing colleague or when they get a speaking gig you would have liked? Are these your responses: “How did they get that assignment?” or:  “How did they get to speak there?”

Ouch! Unfortunately, sometimes those phrases sound familiar. We have to remind ourselves that we, especially as Christians, learn from each other, and are on the same team. Even though that may be true, we are still human and those feelings of competition or jealousy do occur. But, we have to stop and think and realize we all have our separate path and have to ask God for guidance to open the doors that are right for us.


  1. Those are wise words, Tammie. Thanks for the reminder.


    1. Debbie, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.


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