Friday, July 20, 2012

Art Camp a Success

This week I had the privilege of leading a team of volunteers who presented a Bible/Art Camp for twenty-three children from our church community group. It was such a pleasure to watch the children in grades one through six learn about God and explore art and the talents He has given them. Two professional artists volunteered their time and led the students through exercises, while an adult leader at each table assisted.
I had an idea a few months ago to have some type of an art camp for kids based on Biblical content. I had been providing arts and crafts for them to do during our community’s monthly meetings. As I talked the idea around I met people who were interested and then the ball started rolling and people wanted to help and we had a two-day camp and it was AWESOME.

            As I watched them I wished I could go back and be a child again. Here is what I envied:
            They are so excited about life.
They are not bothered by other people’s talent but just put down on paper what they want to do.
They are spontaneous and anxious to show an adult what they have created to hear approval.
They verbalize what they want to do, although it might not be appropriate all the time.
They gave me joy watching them do their art and running down the hall, celebrating life. I want to remember their joy and the joy I had in providing the opportunity for them.

How do feel when you see children enjoying life?


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  1. It is always refreshing to watch children being free to be themselves. I wonder when it was that we lost this precious trait. We are to be like children, but sometimes I think that I've forgotten how so it is good to be reminded. We should all laugh more, I'm sure.


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