Friday, August 3, 2012

If You Write for Tweens or Teens, THANK YOU!

I work at a library and one of the things I get to do is unpack the boxes of new books that will eventually fill the library’s shelves.

I enjoy seeing the new books. I am especially happy when I know, or know of, some of the authors, and also know they are writing from a Christian worldview, whether fiction or nonfiction.

But, my heart breaks when I unpack book after book of a dark or questionable topic for tweens and teens. Where are the Christian writers of tween/teen books? There don’t seem to be many out there. I have been looking for books to interest kids in this age group which are also written by Christian writers and have had a difficult time finding very many.

There are many books for this age group, and that means they are reading and that is good. This period of time in their life is brief, but it is a very important time, and the words they read can leave a deep impression. We need relevant, well written books that will grasp their attention and deal with the issues they are facing and also let them know that there is a God who is anxious to lead and guide them.

If you are out there and know how to write for tweens and teens, PLEASE DO SO, a generation needs you to guide them into values that will grow them up to be godly men and women.

I know there are things out there in print that are not produced by the Christian market that are decent reads. But, what are they? Let us, who do not have children, but have influence on children, know what titles to suggest.

Children will read what their peers read. And when we see what they are reading, let’s not condemn first, but read it ourselves. And then we shouldn’t be afraid to give them an alternative.

Hey, writers, parents of young people, librarians, how can we help to mold these young people we have influence over? Do you have suggestions for good reads for tweens and teens?


  1. This is great, Tammie! May I repost this Fri on the Hoosier Ink blog in my spot, giving you full credit, of course?? :-)

  2. Tammie, my sons and I read the I Survived books by Lauren Tarshis. I highly recommend them, though they aren't for the teen crowd - think 8-11 year olds. It's a historical fiction series and one of the few "kids" series that I love to read. I think I enjoy them as much as the boys. They are super entertaining and educational too.

  3. Kim,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I haven't heard of these. Wonderful. Hope you are doing well.


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