Friday, August 31, 2012

The Last Breath of Summer

The last weekend of the summer is upon us. It has been very hot for many of us, but, since the temperatures have been a little cooler, I am doing one of my fav things.  Just before the sun disappears around the corner of our condo building, I take a book or magazine to read onto our balcony.  Eventually my eyes get heavy and my head falls back on the chair where I sit. I love dozing in and out of sleep; it kind of makes my concerns melt away.

So, enjoy the last weekend of summer, but don’t forget to make a few plans for the Fall season. September has always been somewhat of a beginning for me, probably from all the years of attending school. I remember getting all the new pencils and notebooks and it seemed like a new start. I still like getting away from the computer and writing with pencil on paper.

Later this Fall I’m thinking of attending a writer’s conference (Indianapolis Christian Writers Conference) to meet some new writers and catch up with others. I know I will learn something new and hopefully be inspired to increase my writing productivity after a summer of health challenges.

How about you? What plans do you have for your writing, after a hot summer?


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