Thursday, August 9, 2012

True Inspiration

It has been a weary Summer for me with health challenges and the heat. But this week I am attending one of my “don’t miss” events, right up there with my writer’s conferences. I’m talking about the Global Leadership Summit at my church, Willow Creek. 

The Summit features speakers who inspire you and opens your eyes to ways God can use you to influence your world.  I am ready to be built into. It will exhaust me in a good way and hopefully pick me up to remember I can do things through God’s help.

Don’t miss reading next week’s guest post by my good friend and fellow writer, Debbie Christensen. Debbie is an idea machine for writing topics and she will guide you through her process. As for me, next week my home is being invaded by an eight-year-old and then I will know the true meaning of exhaustion.

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