Friday, September 21, 2012

I'm Not Done Yet!

I was sitting outside on my balcony this morning and noticed the chamomile plant that I had ridden off as dead, was a brimming green plant. After the drought of the summer and trying to keep it watered, I realized maybe it wasn’t the plant for a balcony which receives sun all day. I probably just failed to water it enough(sometimes I do that).

But, with the recent rains it soaked up the water and is showing its’ spendor again.

What we think is dead and gone sometimes is just resting and waiting for the right time to return. I attended the Willow Creek Leadership Summit at my church in August and one of the speakers (Craig Groeschel) gave a talk to encourage the “senior” pastors and leaders in the audience. He said, “If you aren’t dead, you’re not done.” He encouraged everyone that no matter where you are in life you have something to contribute.

With my recent fracture and frustrations in being unable to maneuver, I sometimes feel that maybe I’m done. But, I can still set at my computer and write. Maybe that is where God has wanted me all along.

P.S. I had a nice picture of the chamomile plant, but having trouble uploading my photos. Anyone running into that?

How about you? Have you ever felt that there wasn’t a place for you to contribute, but then God showed you a way? 

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