Friday, December 14, 2012

Have You Changed Zip Codes?

Do you feel you have used those change of address forms too many times? Can you top twenty-two? Yes, twenty-two. That is how many times Carol Stratton has relocated. She is the author of Changing Zip Codes, Finding Community Wherever You’re Transplanted. This book of forty devotionals is a terrific guide to those who find themselves in the midst of transition.

            The book is divided into two sections: Preparing for the Move and Shifting to a New Community. With each devotional she shares a scripture to deal with the dilemma.

            She shares her fears, poor decisions and things that helped her assimilate into life at a new address. She uses examples from her own life and those of others who have moved.

            Stratton also understands the weariness, the fear of the unknown and the struggle to provide stability for children, as a majority of the moves have included her four children, in addition to her husband.

            As Christians we want to find a community of faith wherever we live. Stratton shares some of those triumphs and difficulties.

            Whether you have experienced a move of choice, a foreclosure, a family illness or whatever the reason, you will find a friend in the pages of this book.

You can find out more about Carol at:

Carol has written articles for The Grand Rapids Press, Zionsville Times Sentinel newspapers as well as Purpose, The Christian Communicator, Fandangle, In Touch, Women’s Touch, Your Church and Forsyth Woman magazines and has reviewed books for the Christian Book Previews. She won the 2005 Paper Cottage “Smart Women” Essay contest and has taught at the Write-to-Publish Conference and at the CLASS Christian Writers Conference

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