Friday, December 7, 2012

Inspirational Read

Although I am reviewing devotionals this month to inspire your spiritual growth, I am diverging for one post to share a book with you that is an inspiring read.

I had to keep a box of tissues close by as I read the book, Teaching Diamonds in the Tough by Cleo Lampos. This is an inspirational book of vignettes from the career of a 26-year veteran teacher who taught students from a tough neighborhood. If you love inspirational stories of how one person can make a difference or if you know a teacher who is discouraged in their profession, this would be the book to inspire them.

Many of her students knew what it was like to fear gangs and see people die in the streets. They would come to her classroom and Lampos would show them love and try to bring out the best in each one.

Although the book is only 120 pages, it is long on heart and impact. It reminds us who are not involved in education as a profession, what many teachers experience every day. At the end of each vignette, you will find scripture verses, quotes and a challenge.

If you want to be inspired, grab some tissues and begin to read how God used one woman to touch the lives of a group of students who needed to know someone cared.

To learn more about Cleo, go to

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