Friday, January 25, 2013

My Evening at the Chicago Tribune, Part Two

“The most interesting things in life happen 
just on the other side of your comfort zone.”

-A quote from Michael Hyatt on a video for Platform University

            I experienced this first hand Wednesday evening, as I ventured out of my comfort zone to attend a Short Story Night at the Chicago Tribune. I attended a similar event which I describe in an earlier post, but this time I went alone taking the train and cabs into Chicago at night to spend time with people who I thought would probably intimidate me. But, I wanted to be there.

When I do things like this, I realize I am still a girl from a small town who watches too many true-crime television shows. I sometimes wonder where the woman went who flew to New York City on a regular basis, hopped in and out of cabs visiting publishing houses. See my very first post.

After I worried about getting on the wrong train, not being able to find a cab, afraid someone would ask me how many books I had published and on and on, I relaxed and was totally inspired! Five writers, all past recipients of the Nelson Algren Short Story Award, were interviewed and discussed writing and the creative process. It was delightful and I related to many things they shared. I rode the train home thinking of story ideas and thanked God that he allowed me to be a writer.

Yes, just beyond our comfort zone, we can find interesting things. And, oh, yes, someone did ask me if I was a writer, and I said a resounding “Yes.”

If you want to read more about the events at the Tribune check out Printers Row.

How about you? Have you ventured out of your comfort zone and found good things?

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  1. Hey, Tammie -- I would have loved attending this with you! Thanks for sharing! I have a ss taken from my novels that I'm thinking about e-pubbing on Amazon for $.99. There are increasing numbers of them there these days, and they help promote an author's books. Was there any mention of this at what you attended?? Sounds like you're doing great -- so glad! :-)


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