Friday, January 18, 2013

My Top Five Blogs for Writers

      When I feel like I am out of creative steam and want to quit, I receive an email from one of the following blogs and somehow I get back on track. Although I subscribe to many (too many) blogs, these are my top five.

       I don’t believe I would be blogging if I had not followed this blog over the past ten years. Michael Hyatt is the former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing and his focus is publishing, social media and leadership. He is the author of the book, Platform, Get Noticed In A Noisy World, which I gave away on this blog.

This blog is written by Edie Melson, a writer I met through My Book Therapy (also check this out). Edie writes about various aspects of freelance writing and also gives helpful advice on social media.

Rochelle Melander blogs about writing and I have to say is one of the most encouraging blogs on my subscription list. I met her a quite a few years ago at the Write-to-Publish Conference and have been following her ever since. She is also a writing coach.

 I became aware of this blog through following Michael Hyatt. Jeff is a prolific blogger on writing, blogging and making a difference in your world. He also has some great e-books on the craft.

            I am a great believer in conferences and am on the staff of Write-to-Publish. This blog promotes Blue Ridge, but also has helpful information for writers. Speakers are interviewed who will be teaching at the conference, in addition to former attendees who share their writing journeys.

How about you? What blogs inspire you?



  1. I love The Write Conversation. Edie always offers such great insights. I also follow The Writer's Digest, Writer...Interrupted, Write to Done and The Renegade Writer. And, of course, Letters Across the Page. :-) Some of them are Christian and some aren't, but they all inspire me.

    Many of them are on Twitter, too.


    1. I've been to some of those blogs, too, Debbie. There seems to be so many good ones to read.

  2. I enjoy the interaction on Seekerville. It's such a nice mix of writers at all levels of the writing process and readers who offer thoughtful input. Thanks for sharing your list, Tammie. Stay warm!


    1. Your welcome, Lyndee. I've been Seekerville too and found some helpful info. Thanks for stopping by.


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