Friday, February 1, 2013

A Remembrance and Write-to-Publish 2013

           Almost twenty years ago, when I decided to try freelance writing, I attended an American Christian Writers' Conference. They were held at locations around the country for one or two days. I attended one near Chicago until the organization ceased meeting in the area. The conferences were organized by a wonderful couple, Reg and Eleonore Forder. In December it was announced that Eleonore, called by many, the "First Lady" of writers conferences, had cancer. The disease was at an advanced stage and no treatment was given. It was announced, a little over a week ago, that she had passed away.

            I wanted to share just a short remembrance of the woman who always was at the registration and book store table with a smile and a welcome. At that time I didn’t know many people, and being an introvert, it was good to see a friendly face. Thanks, Eleonore for helping me to feel comfortable in the conference scene. Prayers to her husband, Reg, who will continue to lead the conferences.

            Now, I have the opportunity to welcome and help conference attendees at the Write-to-Publish Conference held every June at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. New information is now up on the website for 2013, with more to come this weekend. 

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