Friday, February 8, 2013

A Romantic Read


     Valentine’s Day is approaching and what could be more appealing than a compilation of thirty-eight Christian romance stories to warm the heart.
     The book, I Choose You, published by OakTara, is such a collection. A colleague of mine, Dicky To, has written a short story which is included in the book.
     Here is a teaser to his story, "A Kiss on Michigan Avenue," a little info about Dicky and the link to Amazon for more information. Enjoy!

Rachel Wellington finds herself falling in love with Jacob Peterson. At a lavish party, she misunderstands Jacob has a girlfriend. Things become worse when she thinks that he and his girlfriend mock her looks. Enraged, Rachel leaves the party. When Jacob expresses his love to her, will Rachel accept him?
No matter how we look outwardly, the thing God cares about is our heart. Inner beauty is of far more important than outward beauty.

I Choose You on Amazon

Dicky To has published a Christian romance short story in Harpstring Magazine. He has also completed a romance radio series based on the lives of the Biblical patriarchs for Christ to the World Ministries. He is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. His blog focuses on the Christian faith.

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