Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter & E-Devotionals

I have made a concerted effort this week to focus on the events commemorating the death and resurrection of Jesus.

When we focus, we remember that this weekend is why we as Christian writers do what we do. Jesus dying on the cross,in our place, is the reason we live and breathe and write. We hope through our work, whether we say the name God or Jesus, our Christian love shines through to others.

I also observed something this week about the electronic media we have been discussing on this blog. My church sent out a daily email devotional to all who wanted to participate. By opening the email you could read the devotional and hit a link to the Scripture reference and read it while at your computer. I did this, and I might get use to it, but at this point I think I would rather print it out and read the devotional in a place away from the computer and read the Scripture reference out of my Bible. Times are changing, but I am grateful for the many opportunities to communicate with others.

A Blessed Easter to you.

How about you? Do you prefer reading devotionals by email, or would you rather use a book and Bible away from the hum of your computer?

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  1. I love what you say about this weekend reminding us why we do what we do as writers. Without Good Friday and Easter, our words are without hope. Everything we write begins with the cross and the empty tomb.

    Thanks, Tammie.



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