Friday, March 22, 2013

Free E-Books or Not?

     I want to welcome some new subscribers from my last two book giveaways. 


     As most of you regulars know, I have been sharing about taking the plunge and buying a Kindle Fire HD and entering the world of electronic reading. I continue to enjoy it, although I did read a “hard copy paper book” last week.  Although, I haven’t learned all that my Kindle Fire can do, I did install my email and have found it extremely helpful monitoring my personal email at my day job (only at breaks) and other times when I am away from my house.
     But, as I coasted around the blogosphere this week I noticed some discussion about free e-books. Many publishers offer these at certain times for new and also older titles. There has been talk that this might be ending. I guess I won’t be surprised, things can’t be free forever.   

     Also, it was mentioned that many of the books we download onto our devices, free or not, we may never read, just like the books on our shelves. Which I guess is okay, but I would imagine many authors hope those “free” books will lead to reviews that will inspire more sales.

I will admit I did feel like a hoarder for a while, but then the files are not taking up space in my house.

So, what do you think about the ending of “free e-books”? Or if you have further information that may help clarify the situation, please share. What percentage of the books you have downloaded, have you read? 


  1. I download free e-books often. I forward the information through my facebook page. It helps promote authors. I do have more e-books than I will read in a year. (My mother however can read 100 books in a year.) I purpose to do book reviews or minimum star ratings on Goodreads.
    I think the free e-book trend may get modified but not completely done away with. Most readers will pay to download the next book in a series. The key will probably be e-book pricing. $9.99 or more for an e-book seems pricey when no paper printing is involved. Authors get a larger % on a e-book and the more sold the more profit. $2.99 books sell easier that $9.99. The same as Redbox videos do better than the more expensive video stores.
    I read an article that said some poorly written books were making the top 100 free e-books. Well, those authors won't get any return readers. The key is great content that makes your work consistently top 100.
    A friend downloaded a free James Patterson book only to find half way through she had to pay to download the rest of the book. Not a great experience for a first time e-book user.

    Ted Decker offered his latest thriller Mirror in a free four part download. One new section each week. Great read. Couldn't wait for the next part. He had self-published this book and it did unbelievably well when he charged for the complete book in both e-reader and paperback. Again awesome content made all the difference.

  2. Interesting, Cindy. Thanks for sharing. Always appreciate your insight.


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