Monday, April 22, 2013

Write-to-Publish Faculty Interview: Dr. Don Aycock, How to Get Published Instructor

Dr. Don Aycock will be teaching the “How to Get Published” Continuing Class at the Write-to-Publish Conference, June 5-8 in on the campus of Wheaton College, near Chicago.
He is a pastor and the author of 21 books. He has graciously answered a few questions for us about his class and the conference. Visit him at his website.

You will be teaching the “How to Get Published" Continuing Class. What is the hope you have for each of your students upon completion of the class.

First I want people who take this class to think of themselves as writers. This is about the attitude.  Then I want them to learn basic skills such as knowing how to approach the publishing process. They will learn how to take responsibility and initiative for themselves. I will show them the skills of finding publishers who want their work. By the end of the conference I want them to think, “Others have learned these skills, put them into practice, and have succeeded. I can, too.”

With your experience I’m sure you have attended many writers conferences. How would you encourage those attending for the first time?

First timers will be nervous and maybe very self-conscious. That is perfectly normal. But try to remember what brought you here—the hope, the dreams, the fire in the belly. Stretch yourself out of your comfort zone. Meet new people. Open your mind and your heart. You will likely meet people who will become your close friends. We writers are a strange lot, so you’ll be at home with people like yourself. Everyone on the staff and all the faculty want you to succeed. You will be among friends so relax, enjoy it, work hard, pray well, and expect the unusual.

What would be your advice on how to connect with God while attending a conference?

 Any sort of conference or retreat will probably take us out of our routines and comfort zones. Let that experience of being out-of-place open you up to the presence of God in new ways. For example, this experience might make you more sensitive to people who have no home, or who are refugees. Also, pray for strength and courage, both of which you need to enjoy the conference and to be a successful writer. Remember that you are God’s instrument. Let Him play a beautiful tune through you this week. 

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