Thursday, April 18, 2013

Write-to-Publish Faculty Interview: Allison J. Althoff, Today's Christian Woman Magazine

Allison J. Althoff, Associate Online Editor, Today's Christian Woman, will be at the Write-to-Publish Conference to meet with prospective writers for her publication. Welcome Allison.

Many things have changed with the process of producing a magazine. Is Today’s Christian Woman a totally online publication?

Today’s Christian Woman is both a digital and print publication. We update our website ( 5x/week, and are active on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram as well. We publish a digital magazine bi-monthly, and produce a print magazine 3x/year (September/October, November/December, and March/April issues). As with all publications in media today, we’re transitioning into a “digital-first” strategy, basically attempting to invest most of our time into our web and digital production while print magazines only come out 3x/year.

What are the opportunities for freelance writers?

We’re always looking for freelance contributors to write on our blog or to produce feature articles and profiles for our website. The #1 thing we look for in contributing writers is expertise in a specific field or interest (do you have an active personal blog, do you have articles published in other publications, do you blog on a specific topic, are you engaged in digital communities like Facebook and Twitter)?, as well as a commitment to Christ that shines through in their editorial content and blog sites.

What type of writer do you look for at conferences?

Like I  mentioned above, someone who’s plugged into digital communities and is aware of current events and trends in the global church is a must. Also, women who are actively involved with and are committed to a local church body/parachurch organizations/ministries is a plus as well – we want to be sure to produce top-notch Christian content that challenges our readers to pursue counter-cultural faith in a changing world. 

Thank you, Allison.

Readers, how about you? Are you a magazine writer? Many book authors began as article writers and many continue to write both books and features for magazines.

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