Friday, May 31, 2013

Relationships Key in Social Media

Connections, Social Media and Networking Techniques for Writers is a must read for writers wanting to understand and develop their online platform. Author Edie Melson emphasizes that “relationships” are key, no matter what form of social media you use.

This is an easy-to-read, 138 page handbook of sort, you will want to keep near your computer. The bulk is about blogging, Twitter, and Facebook, but, author Melson doesn’t stop there, as she also addresses You Tube, Pinterest, Google Plus and Klout.

As a writer herself, Edie, believes the writing should reign supreme, but once a writer is familiar with social networking, they need only spend 30 to 45 minutes working at it per day.

Melson has established herself as somewhat of an expert in social media for those in the publishing field. She serves as Social Media Coach for My Book Therapy and blogs at the The Write Conversation, where she guides writers through the many mysteries of the online world. In addition to numerous articles, she is also the author of Fighting Fear, Winning the War at Home When Your Soldier Leaves for Battle, a devotional book for those with family members in the military.  

Read with a pen close by to highlight the many explanations and tips to help in your trek through social media. Check it out on Amazon.

Thanks, Edie for this gem of a book. I will be using and recommending it at my class, Blogging Made Easy for Beginners, Nontechies and Others at the Write-to-Publish Conference next week (June 5-8) in the Chicago area.

How about you? What is your biggest challenge as a writer in using social media?


  1. As a member of the MBT Leadership Team, I've had the advantage of working with Edie as both a professional and a friend. Her heart is to help other writers manage social media -- rather than having social media control them. I also appreciate her emphasis on the relationships we are creating through social media.
    My biggest challenge in social media? Balancing the time online with the need to write/meet my deadlines.

    1. Hi Beth, Thanks for stopping by and commenting on Edie's book. Balancing time online and writing responsibilities is a big challenge.

  2. This really a GREAT resource and the only book I recommend for social media. Thanks for telling the world about it, Tammie!


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