Friday, May 3, 2013

Write-to-Publish Conference Faculty Interviews: Tiffany Colter, Writing Career Coach

I welcome Tiffany Colter to my blog. She is the owner of the Writing Career Coach and a freelance writer and speaker. She will be teaching the continuing class, Building Your Growing Writing Career, at the Write-to-Publish Conference, June 5-8.

Tiffany, give us a snapshot of your class, Building Your Growing Writing Career.

Tiffany Colter: I'd love to. Over the four days we will cover organization, craft, time management, and finding confidence in God's call. There are really so many things that go in to a writing career other than the actual writing. In my class, I will touch on a few of them. We'll have time for structured teaching, in-class activities, Q&A, and some take home activities.
I will also teach a piece of the organization class in my workshop: Getting Organized for Greater Efficiency.

What is the most important thing writers need to do to grow in their field?

Tiffany Colter: My answer is two-pronged. First, recognizing that writing is a business and second, that that isn't a bad thing. Once you recognize that the message of our heart will help someone and that marketing is nothing more than letting people know you have a solution for them, this starts to become easier. See, when we focus only on sales our craft will suffer. When we focus on craft, our sales will suffer. When we focus only on networking through social media...well, everything suffers! If we see it as a business and these various tasks as "departments" within that business we can create a plan for growth. Our writing, marketing, conferences, speaking, etc. then just become various to-do lists to executing that plan.

What is the hope you have for each of your students upon completion of the class?

Tiffany Colter: I genuinely hope that people leave my class with a plan for success and the confidence that they CAN execute that plan. Hope is confident expectation of good. I expect that everyone who completes my class [and my workshop] will leave with solid information that will help them. I also sincerely hope that when they leave they think, "Wow! That class was absolutely worth the time I spent!". I never want a person to leave one of my seminars or workshops thinking, "Well, that is an hour of my life I'll never get back."

How can conferees best prepare to attend a conference?
Tiffany Colter: I have a few free downloads on my website that talk about preparing for editor/agent appointments. You can download the pdf [no registration is required] by going to Beyond that I honestly think that the best thing a person can do is look at this as a professional event, not a job interview. All of your hopes and dreams are NOT tied up in a single class, editor/agent appointment, or award ceremony. When you go in with that attitude you are setting yourself up for high stress and a possible post-conference crash.
Go expecting to learn and with a clear action plan to use what you learned when you get home. Then no matter what happens in any meeting or appointment you have grown as a professional writer and made a positive step toward fulfillment of your long-term goals.
Thanks for allowing me to share. I will teach a continuing track, a workshop, sit on a panel and I will be accepting appointments at the conference. I hope some of you will come up and say hi.
Tiffany Colter,


  1. Sure have enjoyed these WTP Q and A blogs with presenters! Thanks, Tammie -- great idea! :-)

  2. I cannot wait to meet Tiffany! Over the past two years she has mentored me, guided me, comforted me, cried with me, "sistered" me, prodded me, encouraged me, laughed with me, stressed with me, and hoped with me--all via cyber communications. Now it's time we met. I am full of anticipation and excitement. I feel like I'm gonna see Santa Claus this Christmas!



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