Friday, August 23, 2013

Writing Stalled? Try These Five


This week many schools opened their doors for the new academic year. I always loved going to school. It was like a new beginning.

When I was in elementary school, my Mom would buy my school supplies and keep them in her bedroom. Since my father worked nights and slept during the day, she thought this would keep me away from using them. But, I would sneak into the bedroom as he slept and pull out the school supplies and look at them. I would run my fingers across the unused crayons, new pencils, and notebooks.

       I still get excited when it is time for school to start. I even look at the sale flyers and buy the inexpensive notebooks and pens. It is a time to take a fresh look at my writing projects.

       If you are stalled or stuck in your writing, here are five ways that might help you get started again:


1.  New writing time. If you haven’t been able to produce during the time of day you put aside to write, try a new time or location. I didn’t think I could ever write in the evenings, but I have written many blog posts during that time.
2. New word count/or time spent. If you just can’t seem to reach your word count, then reduce it; break it down. Producing half the amount is better than not producing at all.
3.  Start a new journal. It is always exciting for me to look at that first blank sheet of paper in a new notebook. While you're at it, get a new pen for the journey. You could write down your writing frustrations, add descriptions of your characters for a new novel, as well as settings or time periods you would like to write about. You could also include subjects of articles and ideas you would like to explore.
4.  Read about a new area of interest. Begin reading about a subject you would like to know more about. This could be a time in history you find interesting. Read not only nonfiction works, but novels about that time period.
5.  Find that quiet place. Take time to stop and be quiet and let yourself think about where you are in your writing life and what direction you want to proceed. And don't forget, as believers, we have the awesome privilege of prayer and the encouragement of God’s Word.   


How about you? What is one thing you do to jumpstart your writing?





  1. I, too, feel a sense of excitement when the school year starts. I think of it as the "beginning" of the year. :-)

    Thanks for these suggestions. I need a way to jumpstart my writing.


  2. Glad to hear you are a kindred spirit. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. This sure bro't memory smiles to me -- not just student ones, but three decades of teaching ones. . . :-) And hey, while many say it's a "no no," I can always jumpstart a new writing day or passage by reading and editing (at least a bit) some of the previous writing. New school/writing year blessings, dear friend! :-)


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