Friday, September 20, 2013

The Importance of Writers Conferences

I have attended over 25 writers conferences. I always consider them essential to my growth as a writer. But, sometimes I forget just how much I enjoy them and can benefit from attending. Last week I attended the American Christian Fiction Writers annual conference, which was held, this year, in Indianapolis. I left exhilarated and ready to work toward my goal of finishing one of two novels I started a few years ago.


Here are five reasons, I was reminded of again last week, why writers conferences can be game changers:


1.  You learn about what is happening in the industry.


2.  You attend workshops taught by published authors and hear new approaches to common problems.


3.  You see published writers attend workshops and take notes and are impressed with their commitment to learn. In turn you want to learn.


4.  You realize that all writers struggle with their work and know you are not alone.


5.  Oh, there is always lots of coffee!!!



How about you? Are writers conferences
important to you?




  1. #6. Getting to know new friends who influence you to drink coffee with your dessert. :)

  2. And that too! Thanks Meghan for coming by and commenting.

  3. This was my third writer's conference and they just keep getting better. They encourage me to keep writing, reminding me that I love it and WHY I love it. Connecting with other writers and published authors is one of my favorite parts!

  4. For years I've attended primarily Christian writers conferences -- why? Because they're the ones that give a spiritual boost to my creative life, and that includes friendships with other Christian writers like YOU. . . :-)


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