Friday, February 14, 2014

Do You Have Too Many Books?

When I worked at a public library, I was asked by a coworker if I liked to read. Which you might think an odd question, if one worked at a library, but it isn’t, many people just consider it a place of employment.

In response to her question, I said, “Yes," then ashamedly, "but I am a slow reader.” 

She said to me, “That’s okay. It doesn't matter."

Her short reply affirmed me. I did not grow up in a home of readers and did not read the classic children and early reader books that many young people have, as I started reading later in life. I watch people devour books while it takes me twice as long to complete one.

So, I was thinking about that conversation this week as I tried to organize the books in my office and home and and feel a little overwhelmed. I was too ashamed to include a picture. How will a slow reader get through all these?

I see books in bookstores, at conferences and in catalogs and I know they would be so interesting to read. I buy them and then things happen, and we forget what we bought, and as I have said, I'm a slow reader, etc., etc.

I will never be able to read all the books I have on my shelves and some I will give away to friends and donate. But, slowly, I will read through what I can and be blessed.

What about you? Do you have too many books? And how do you organize and prioritize them? I need your advice.



  1. We are very similar, Tammie. I too, have many books and I would like to read them all but am a very slow reader. And like you said, "things happens"...and then you don't read for a while. Hoping to pick up anther book soon...Diane

    1. Hi Diane. I think this is your first comment on my blog. Thanks for stopping by. You understand my plight.

  2. Interesting to read what you've shared about yourself here, Tammie. I'm a very fast reader, and count it a blessing, for sure! But most people are slow readers, and that's also a blessing, for you think as you read (even if just subconciously) and remember better and longer than we faster readers. And think of the many, especially females, who can't even read at all. I groan for them, as reading is such a GREAT pleasure! Hey, I enjoyed your blog today, hope you enjoy mine too. . . :-)

  3. Hi Millie. Always glad to hear from you. Thanks for the insight.

  4. Hi Tammie,

    Like Millie, I'm a fast reader. My issue is lack of time. Since becoming a published author, I've gone from reading 52+ books per year to 25.

    My TBR pile is ever growing - both print and Kindle. They're books I want to read, but I'm constantly playing catch up. My favorite authors' books are first, those I find intriguing or in my genre come next, and the others follow.

    There are 25+ print books sitting in my TBR pile right now - a year's worth of reading. I just keep reading and enjoying them one by one rather than worrying about how many more await my attention.

    God Bless,
    Susan :)


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