Friday, February 28, 2014

How Do You Encourage Others?

A Little Spring.
I find that I need consistent encouragement or I just want to give up.
Since I am aware of my need for this, I try to uplift others whenever I can.

I went away to college to be a writer. There were times when I became discouraged and wanted to give up. One of the first uplifting comments I received was after we turned in our first stories to the student newspaper. As I walked across campus feeling a little low, I saw the editor of the paper, who threw her arms in the air, walked toward me, and said, “Tammie Edington. Our copy editor just read your story and he said, ‘this girl knows how to write!’ ” My dejected spirit was lifted and left me walking with a new step.

I still remember that comment from over thirty years ago, so I realize how important words of encouragement can be. I have tried to do that for others:

       Whenever I read an article or devotional by a close or Facebook friend, I post it on Facebook and praise them.

      When I teach my “Getting the Most Out of the Conference” class at Write-to-Publish, I try to share some encouraging stories. I also share some discouraging things I have experienced to let them know they are not alone in their quest.

       I try to leave comments on a colleague’s blog to encourage them to keep posting their blog, which can become discouraging.

How about you? 
How have you been encouraged? 
How do you try to encourage others? 

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  1. Tammie, I love the way you write here in your blog. You are so gentle with words and I think that is the sign of a good writer. In all our busy-ness of our daily lives, I think that we forget sometimes to encourage others. I think a lot of people are like you, Tammie and I wonder if they feel the same way. I think I will make a better effort to encourage people in my daily life. Thank you for sharing. Love you, Diane


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