Friday, February 21, 2014

To Remember

Many years ago I read the book, Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. She mentioned the importance of recording the events in your life. So, almost twenty years ago, I began to do that.

I wrote them in a large spiral bound journal. They are diary-like entries, recording how old I was, where I was and what I experienced or did. The earliest entries are when I was in first grade, because that is the farthest back I can remember. Over the past twenty years, with many stops and starts, I have recorded these vignettes. When I thought of something I wanted to record and didn’t have time to, I listed the topic on a page in the journal so I could return to it later.

I pulled the journal out a few months ago to see where I had left off and realized some of the ink I used had bleed through the pages. I then decided to begin using notebooks with acid-free paper. Eventually, I’ll transfer the entries from the original journal.

I don’t look at these as ever being published, but to be passed on to family or friends. I have loved getting the many handwritten letters my grandparents have received throughout the years and put together segments of their lives I didn’t know much about.

How about you? 
Have you recorded the events in your life?  
Any suggestions or tips?


  1. You already know what I've done with heaps of my own journal entries -- they bookend the chapters in my novels, almost word for word. I have had MANY readers tell me they love how my I present my novel's chapters/stories this way. . . :-) Weekend blessings!

  2. I love this idea Tammie and so have started it myself. As I looked through my mother's things this last weekend I was intrigued by the little notes she wrote about family members in our family tree book. It is so worth it for the future and the family. Thank you Tammie for inspiring me.


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