Friday, April 25, 2014

Write-to-Publish Faculty: Marti Pieper and How to Get Published Class

Give us a snapshot of your continuing class.

How to Get Published: You dream of becoming a published writer, but how do you cross that invisible line? In this continuing class, I present tips on what you need to do—and who you need to be—to reach your publication goals. Receive practical ideas on topics ranging from focusing your ideas and structuring your work to writing query letters, self-editing, and developing your voice. Each session examines a common blunder made by beginning writers and uses real-life examples to reveal the character qualities and practical steps that help you navigate the challenging journey toward publication.

What is the most important thing a student can learn from your four-day class?

I would say the most important thing a student can learn from this class is that who you are as a person (character) is just essential for your journey toward publication as how you write (craft). In this class, we'll take time to discuss both. I love to teach from my mistakes and hope to prevent other writers from making the same ones.

Is there anything an attendee can do to prepare themselves prior to the conference?

Of course. Go over the conference schedule and learn as much as you can about the faculty and classes offered. You can find many helpful articles online about preparing for conferences (if, like many writers, you're an introvert, check out my link here). Pray about your choices and pre-select your schedule, but be open to changes, too. And don't forget to keep writing while you wait for the conference. If you plan to meet with agents and editors (and you should), you'll want to present your best work. Finally, relax. All of us who serve on faculty want to see you succeed. You'll be among friends who happen to be publishing professionals. Come to the conference with an attitude of expectation and watch as God surprises, delights, and instructs you.

Anything you would like to add?

I always bring a basket of chocolate to my classes. That way, no matter how the teaching goes, I know my students will take away something wonderful. If you're interested in writing for teen girls, feel free to make an appointment with me to discuss our needs at Sisterhood magazine. I'll also be glad to talk to you about your nonfiction book, book proposal, devotionals or articles. And (happy dance) my most recent collaborative book, Escape the Lie: Journey to Freedom from the Orphan Heart releases May 20. I hope to have some of the first copies with me at Write-to-Publish.

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  1. Thanks for hosting me, Tammie! The Write-to-Publish Conference will be here before we know it. I look forward to serving as part of a fantastic faculty team. Blessings!


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