Thursday, May 15, 2014

Write-to-Publish Faculty Interview: Shaina Turner, Fiction Acquisitions, Tyndale House Publishers

Give us a snapshot of the company you represent.

Tyndale House Publishers’ mission is to minister to the spiritual needs of people through literature consistent with biblical principles. In terms of fiction, this means publishing fiction with a mission. Whenever our acquisitions team is looking over a manuscript and/or proposal, we’re always asking ourselves “What is the ministry value behind the story? What does this story provide to the reader?” Whether hope, reassurance, healing or something else entirely, we look to publish fiction that is distinctive, entertaining, hopeful, purposeful, and thoughtful; fiction with a greater purpose.

How can a person best prepare for an appointment 
with you?

I see these appointments as a conversation. A one sheet with your proposal is helpful but mainly come with your questions. My goal at any writer’s conference is to  be as helpful to each individual’s specific needs as possible as they continue their publishing journey.

What type of writer are you hoping to meet with 
at the conference?

I do not have any specific writer ‘type’ in mind, but as I’ve said above, I look at writer’s conference as a learning experience for both faculty and writers so the more prepared the writers are with their specifics needs and questions in mind, the better I am able to help them in the appointment time allotted.

Anything you would like to add about or specific needs?

I’m looking forward to meeting with many writers at the conference. If you’re looking for more on Tyndale fiction, stop by our new fiction blog and say hello,

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  1. What a GREAT response to your first question, Tammie and Shaina! I think it's the best I've heard/read in all my years of writing and publishing. I'm copying it (with your name, Shaina), posting it on my computer, and adopting it for my novels. . . SO inspiring. . . ten thousand fragrant thanks! :-)

  2. So glad it was helpful, Millie! Hope to see you around the Tyndale fiction blog :)



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