Saturday, August 16, 2014

What a Nine Year Old Taught Me About Reading

I was inspired last week to be a reader. I spent a week with my nine-year-old niece who is a voracious reader. I watched her put aside her electronic tablet to take the time to read.

We went to the library together and checked out some books. I just loved watching her read. A child doesn’t have the same distractions or guilt from reading as do some adults. I get distracted sometimes when I read, feeling I should be "doing" something more productive. 

I also questioned her about understanding what she read and she told me she did, relating the story she was engrossed in.

This is what I learned from her:

No matter our age, we can still become a reader. I didn’t read as a child or young adult and missed enjoying many books my peers did. I enjoy reading many young adult titles today, maybe because I can get through them quicker since they are shorter and I am a slow reader.

We can become better conversationalists when we are readers. I was impressed with her vocabulary and her conversations with adults has matured. Even though I’m sure this comes with age, the knowledge and word choices comes from reading. I notice that my vocabulary is not as deep as some of my peers who have spent their lives as readers.

Don’t feel guilty. As adults we become so obsessed sometimes with our responsibilities, such as cleaning, buying groceries and worrying. When those things seem to overwhelm us, we just want to sit down and watch television. Don’t do it. Pick up a book and read.

How about you? Did you read as a child or begin later in life? Do you feel guilty when you take time to read?


  1. Thanks Tammie for sharing. I did read as a child. My mother worked in a school library when I was young. She would bring home books or make suggestions of books that she thought I would like. As I grew older, I turned to reading more self-help books or informational books. I feel guilty when I read a fiction book as I have convinced myself that I should always be learning something. The crazy part about that is, I don't feel guilty watching TV occasionally. So I am not sure why reading for pleasure makes me feel guilty. Thanks again for sharing what you learned.

  2. Hi Sheryl, Thanks for sharing. I do wish I had read as a child, it does give one a head start.

  3. Thank you Tammie for your story. Like you, I didn't read much when I was younger and when I did, it was very slow. In fact, I didn't like reading at all. After discovering that I had an issue with one of my eyes, I was prescribed glasses that helped immensely. If only I'd known that issue earlier as a child. Now I can read easily and do enjoy it. I am currently reading 'From One Widow to Another' by Miriam Neff. Hope to get through this one quickly and move onto the next! Thanks again Tammie for your blog. I enjoy reading it.

    1. Hi Diane. Thanks for reading and commenting. Sounds like a good book you are reading.


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