Saturday, September 20, 2014

Do You Have a Pack?

I’m not a great football fan, but when the season comes around there is one team I like to watch. That team is the Green Bay Packers, but only when they are home at Lambeau Field.

A Lambeau Leap in progress.

I like the Packers because they are from a relatively small city (Green Bay has a population of just over 100,000) and have one of the largest stadiums in the league. According to my research, and I'm sure if I am wrong NFL fans will let me know, Lambeau Field currently holds 80,753 and is the second largest stadium in the country per seating capacity. Now, isn't that amazing? Sort of reminds me of the high school basketball arenas in Indiana (of which I am a native) usually located in smaller towns and cities.

As I sit on the edge of my couch, I am waiting to see the “Lambeau Leap”. This happens when the player who scores the touchdown runs to the end zone seats, jumps up on the barrier so the fans can celebrate with him.

Outside the stadium there are statues of Curly Lambeau (first Packer coach) and Vince Lombardi (lengendary coach). Now, there is a new statue which was unveiled this year. It is of the end zone wall with fans behind it and a space left for a real person to sit on the wall and have his picture taken like they are doing the "Lambeau Leap".

I’m sure you Wisconsin folks are still with me, but let me get to the point. I love the comradery of the Packer fans and their team and this made me think of the writing community. Next week is the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference in St. Louis. Sadly, I am unable to attend this year and will miss seeing many of my fellow writers. I’m sure there will be hugging and celebration going on because, we too, are a “pack" of sorts. 

Even though Christian writers are not a large group, compared to all of publishing, we connect because we know that our work does more than just put words on paper or computer screens; it touches lives for God’s Kingdom. When we take that leap and publish an article or book, we have our writing colleagues to cheer and celebrate with us.

The statue of the Lambeau Leap, here with LeRoy Butler,
who started the leap.
Hope you don't mind a little football diversion!            

How about you? 
Do you have a group of colleagues who support you? 
Or you can just comment if you are a Packer fan!