Saturday, November 15, 2014

Just Sayin' is Worth Talkin' About

If you are in a position to influence tweens (kids in the 8-12 age group), I have a resource for you.

In October I reviewed a devotional book for boys (Dare U 2 Open This Book: Draw It, Write It, Dare 2 Live It) by Carol McAdams Moore. This post will feature the companion book, a devotional for girls, Just Sayin’: Write 'Em, Draw 'Em, Hide 'Em in Your Heart.

This book is comprised of 90 devotions, the same as the boy's book. Each devotion features a Scripture verse, but instead of an anecdote and an application as in adult devotions, the girls get to “have some fun.” They can doodle, draw or express themselves as they ponder the questions Moore presents.

They are asked to consider a time when they “goofed up.” They are given a multiple choice as to how they responded.

The topic of compassion is considered. They are asked: “Suppose someone at school or church is needy. How would you feel about giving something to that person?” They are also asked to doodle a picture of what they would buy for someone who has nothing.

The girls are asked if the Bible, Jesus or becoming a Christian is confusing to them. Moore then gives some places to find those answers.

The tween years may be the last time we can influence kids before they enter their teens. That is why, I believe, that books such as these are essential to get into their hands.

Carol McAdams Moore writes for children and youth in the Christian and general markets. Her writing credits include work for David C. Cook; Urban Ministries, Inc.; Christian Education Warehouse; Clubhouse; Clubhouse, Jr.Lifeway magazines; and The Christian Communicator. Her desire is that every child will answer Jesus’ call and discover God’s purpose for his or her own life. You can find Carol at:

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Refined by Fire, A Journey of Grief and Grace


As most of you know, who read this blog, I am on the staff of the Write-to-Publish Conference. One of the benefits of this gathering is the many wonderful writers I meet. One of those I met a couple of years ago is Mary Potter Kenyon. Today I am honored to be part of her launch team and share with you how God has been present in her life, even though her life has been filled with much loss.

Mary is a writer and when she was hit by the loss of a mother, a husband and a grandson, all in just the past few years, she cried out to God. She then did the thing which was most familiar to her: she wrote.