Saturday, December 6, 2014

Drowning in Good Things

I can’t believe we have entered the last month of the year. I then become discouraged when I look at all the information I have accumulated on my computer, including podcasts, e-books, mini courses, etc. for educational purposes, and haven't read or listened to the majority of them. These were to help me be a better writer, be more productive, and creative. Now, many of these are very valid and worth the read. But, how do I find the time to read, apply and glean when there are so many?

So, I sat down this week and went over the things in my educational folder. Honestly, I do not remember acquiring some of them; many added from two to three years ago! I am also ashamed to say that although most of them were free, many I bought (ugh) and they haven’t been used. I wondered if it was worth the time to go through them. I decided it was.

So this is my plan:

1.  First, I need to forgive myself for spending money on items I haven’t used, but determine to do better in the future.

2.  Next, I will go through and decide which ones are beneficial or outdated, and delete the appropriate ones. I don’t know about you, but I’m a keeper and always think I will be able to use something later.

3.  Then I will try to put them in order of priority and to make use of them, one at a time.

Sometimes when we have stacks of papers around we know we have things to sort through. When it comes to computer files, we forget we still have house cleaning to do.

What about you? 
Do you feel overwhelmed 
with all the good things out there to read and learn? 
How do you work through that?

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  1. Tammie,
    I can relate. I have writing craft books galore. Some have been read, some have been partially read and some not at all. I have articles and blog post printed off for reference. Some are in a folder other are stacked in one of the messy piles in my office. Life happens and dealing with these stacks has taken a low priority. My computer has files of interesting stuff and I have many CDS from past writers conferences that I have never listened to. So don't feel too guilty. You are not alone. I keep hoping to have the time to really glean wonderful info form all my books. Many of the papers are probably going to get recycled. And as for my pc will files out of sight out of mind. :)
    I am starting to share my CDS with newbie writers thus assuaging my guilt.
    Cindy Huff


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