Saturday, March 7, 2015

Pros & Cons of a Week-Long Retreat

2015 Deep Thinkers Retreat 

I returned last week from my first week-long writers retreat. I am glad I attended the Deep Thinkers Retreat sponsored by My Book Therapy. I would like to attend next year, to spend another week in Destin, Florida with some wonderful fellow writers.

But, it wasn’t an easy week. The trip to Florida exhausted me. Before I left, I only knew one person who might attend and this made the introvert in me very nervous. I had a difficult time at first, sharing a room with more than one woman and not really feeling I had a place to get away by myself. But, as the week progressed I felt more and more comfortable.

I returned with practical ways to improve my manuscript and I also felt very encouraged. The teachers, Susan May Warren, Rachel Hauck and Beth Vogt were so supportive and willing to listen to us on a personal level.

Here are some things to consider when you attend a retreat of a longer duration:

Positive: Fewer people usually attend, which makes it great to get to know others more personally.
Negative: You are not able to as easily disappear into the crowd, which as an introvert I sometimes want to do at larger conferences.

Positive: One-on-one instruction. You have the opportunity to ask direct questions to the instructors. You will probably have time to write on your manuscript while there.
Negative: I don't think there is a negative to that.

Positive: Usually held in a pleasant environment (I was in Florida a couple of blocks from the beach in February.)
Negative: It will usually cost you more than a regular conference.

Positive: You get away from your daily routine.
Negative: Don’t forget the fatigue you may encounter with a new environment and the travel.

How about you? 
If you have attended a similar retreat, 
what are your thoughts?

FYI: Write-to-Publish Faculty Interviews
begin on Monday, March 9.

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