Monday, March 23, 2015

Write-to-Publish Faculty Interview: Ann Byle, Agent with Credo Communications

Tell us a little about your agency, Credo Communications.

Credo Communications is a literary agency representing fiction and nonfiction authors in the Christian publishing marketplace. It's three agents have deep ties into the Christian publishing world, offer years of experience, and love to guide authors into their publishing and writing dreams.

How does a writer know if they need an agent?

A writer is ready for an agent when he or she has a completed book proposal, has written a full novel or at least three chapters of a nonfiction book, and is actively engaging with potential audiences via social media and/or public speaking.

What do you, as an agent, want to see or hear from a writer when you meet with them?

I want potential clients to know exactly who their audience is, be actively engaging with that audience, have spent time learning the craft of writing, present a unique idea in a pleasing way, and who see writing as a part of their futures.

Anything you would like to add to help writers best prepare themselves to be authors?

The best steps a writer can take are to actively learn the craft, understand and use social media, actually sit down and write, and be willing to adjust their writing and marketing strategies as needed.

Write-to-Publish will be held June 3 - 6
in the Chicago area.

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