Friday, March 20, 2015

Write-to-Publish Faculty Interview: Dan Balow, Agent with The Steve Laube Agency

Tell us a little about your agency.

TheSteve Laube Agency was started by Steve Laube in 2004 after a career in Christian retail and working as an editor for Bethany House Publishers. Today, the agency has four agents, Steve, Karen Ball, Tamela Hancock Murray and myself who have a combined over 110 years of experience in various aspects of publishing. Altogether we serve over 200 authors.

How does a writer know if they need an agent?

In our case, the agent is the final piece of the process to get published, not the first. An aspiring author should have commitment to the craft, actively engaged in improving it, working hard on their platform and focused on making all the pieces of their career work together. In addition, they need to have written a manuscript already. The absence of any of these is a reason for an agent to decline to represent an author.

What do you, as an agent, want to see or hear from a writer when you meet with them?

That they have done their homework on what I am looking for and they can clearly articulate the basic premise of their work.

Anything you would like to add to help writers best prepare to be authors?

View it as comparable to preparing for a new career. If you want to become a teacher, you get training, you prepare and practice. You would have an idea of the opportunities for teachers in the area you live, and you are clear about the job requirements. And be sure you actually like the young people of the age group you want to teach!  Seeking to be an author is no different. 

Write-to-Publish will be held June 3 – 6

in the Chicago area

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