Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Write-to-Publish Faculty Interview: Jim Watkins: Nonfiction Book Writing Class; Representative for Wesleyan Publishing, ACW & Light from the Word

Jim Watkins will be teaching the Writing Nonfiction Books Continuing Class. He is an author, speaker and Associate Acquisition Editor for Wesleyan Publishing House (WPH) and Editorial Advisor for ACW Press.

In addition to teaching he is representing WPH, ACW and Light From the Word, a daily devotional. He will be available for appointments with conferees to discuss their interest in these publishing opportunities.

Thanks, Jim for filling us in on your class and your appointments.

Give a brief description of your continuing class.

We will be looking at the best-selling author of Ecclesiastes' principles for taking your book from concept to contract: reflect, research, reorganize, reword and retail. 

What will be the biggest take-away from your class?

I'll provide 40 years of experience in publishing as an author and editor to provide practical tips on writing, preparing a proposal, marketing your finished book and any other questions anyone may have. And we will laugh a lot! (My "brand" is "hope and humor," so expect a lot of that.)

How can someone best prepare to attend your class?

Come with a teachable spirit and be prepared to take a ton of notes on practical tips to get published.

Anything you would like to add?

If you're trying to decide between my class and another, buy my book--Communicate to Change Lives--and go to the other class.

Publication and Publishing House Info:

 Briefly describe your house or publication.

Wesleyan Publishing House (WPH) is best described as conservative Methodism with an emphasis in helping readers lead a holy, Christlike life. It's a traditional royalty publisher. (WPH pays you.)

ACW Press is a full-service independent publisher that provides the highest quality at lowest price for cover design and interior, editing, ISBN and print-on-demand or traditional printing. (You pay ACW Press, but you own all work)

Any specific needs you would like to share?

WPH is looking for books that help readers lead a holy, Christlike life. (No memoirs, devotional books, fiction or children books)

Light from the Word is a daily devotional magazine for devos 250-300 words

ACW Press publishes any genre which are not contrary to Christian faith, so publishes both "Christian" and general market

How can a person best prepare for an appointment with you or appointments in general?

Have an amazing "elevator pitch" (describe your book in 25 words or less; if you can't your book needs focus). Have a well-thought-out proposal. (Here is a sample of proposal: )

Anything else you would like to add?

Review WPH's writers' guidelines before an appointment ( ). I love working with writers, so don't let title "editor" frighten you!

Write-to-Publish will be held June 3 – 6

in the Chicago area.

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