Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Write-to-Publish Faculty Interview: Cheri Cowell, Independent Publishing Boot Camp and EA Books

Cheri is Owner and Publisher at EABooks, an author and speaker with four traditionally published books including Parables and Word Pictures, a Bible study by AMG, and Peace for Today: 365 Devotions by Thomas Nelson. She began her company after learning how to get her own materials into e-book format. Cheri's passion is helping others see God's Word come alive.

Cheri, give us a brief description of your continuing class at Write-to-Publish.

Independent Publishing Boot Camp: Come learn the pros and cons of this growing trend, how to evaluate your options, the basics of formatting and cover design, and how marketing your co- or self-pubed book is different.

Session 1: Evaluating Indie/Co/Self-Publishing: The Pros and Cons of Doing it Yourself

We'll learn to evaluate whether Indie publishing is a good option for you and your project, and we'll examine what it takes to be a successful indie author and what are the common causes of failure.

Session 2: Understanding the Do-it-Yourself Process:

We'll look at the various things you need to master if you're going to indie-publish, from formatting and layout to cover design, editing, ebook formats and more. We'll also examine some of the options for hiring all or parts of this process.

Session 3: Why EBook?

We'll look at this trend, examine the limitations in ebook technology, and what it takes to convert your book into an ebook for Kindle and others.

Session 4: Marketing an Indie Book

We'll look at three major components of a marketing plan: your brand, an Internet presence, and a social media plan 

What will be the biggest take-away from your class?

Hybrid Publishing (traditional + Indie Publishing) is the way things are going so why not take advantage of all publishing models, leveraging your reach to more readers.

How can someone best prepare to attend your class?

Come with a big notepad because we will cover it all and you will want to take a lot of notes so you will be prepared to run with the knowledge when the conference ends.

Anything you would like to add?

Having traditonally published (with a new traditionally pubed book coming out in 2016), self-published with a traditional self-publisher, and now owning my own hybrid-Indie publishing company, I can help you navigate all of the options available to you so you can make the best choice for you and your message.

Tell us a little about EA Books. 

Whether your vision is e-books, print, or audiobooks, we can help you expand your reach with the message God gave you." In 2014 EABooks published 25 titles, expanding the reach of God's messengers into the world. Make an appointment with me to learn how EABooks can also make your publishing dreams come true. 

What is EABooks Publishing looking for:

Fiction–all sub-genres
Bible Study

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