Saturday, March 28, 2015

Write-to-Publish Faculty Interview: Daniel Darling, Plenary Speaker

Daniel is a freelance writer and vice president for communications for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. His book titles include Teen People of the Bible; Crash Course; iFaith; Real; Activist Faith; and The Original Jesus: Replacing the Myths We’ve Created with the Savior Who Is, releasing in September. Daniel is a weekly contributor to Leadership Journal’s blog PARSE and is a featured blogger for,,, Covenant Eyes, G92, and others. A former editor and pastor, Daniel is a Write-to-Publish alumnus.

What will you be exploring in your evening sessions?

My goal is to really inspire and encourage the call of a Christian communicator. Why do we do this? How can we grow? How do we cultivate our craft while waiting for the big opportunity? What should be our ultimate aim in communicating? I'm really going to start with: should I be doing this and do I belong here? Then moving into: cultivating, growing, adapting, finding your voice, and then thinking through platform for the glory of God. 

Who would benefit from your class on teen culture?

I think anyone interested in writing for the next generation. What are teens facing, how can we be a steady spiritual guide? What mistakes do we often make in writing for teens? 

As a WTP alumnus, how has WTP helped you as a writer? 

I can't tell you the impact of WTP on my life. I walked into my first WTP many years ago, nervous and sure I didn't belong with such talented and successful writers. WTP equipped me and gave me the tools I needed to fulfill my mission as a writer. I'll never forget the life-changing content from Dr. Dennis Hensley on story-telling, writing, and craft. Also, the real-world, marketing, query-writing, and topic-hunting stuff was invaluable. Lastly, the community I formed and the contacts I made formed my writing career. To speak, now, at WTP, is such an honor. This conference made such an invaluable investment in my life. 

How can a writer best prepare to attend a conference?

He can prepare in two ways: first prepare his heart to grow and change and see his writing move to the next level and second: prepare his mind by thinking through good ideas, pitches, and ways he can leverage this conference to take the next step in his career and three (bonus round!): prepare to intentionally cultivate good relationships.

Write-to-Publish will be June 3 - 6
in the Chicago area 

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