Friday, April 17, 2015

Write-to-Publish Faculty Interview: Cindy Sproles, Christian Devotions, LPC Nonfiction

Briefly describe your company and the 
imprints you represent.

For Christian Devotions - we are looking for devotions using the hook, book, look and took method of writing. There is an example on our guidelines at Scroll the bottom of the page and click Write for Us for the guidelines. We want devotions that are not preachy but have a nice story, and an application that draws the reader to a greater understanding of Christ.

For Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas (LPC) - SonRise Devotionals - We are seeking devotionals 60-90 days with a deeper content. Still not preachy but that take the reader into a deeper daily walk. We are not necessarily looking for niche books, rather a solid daily devotional that is both short and filled with "ah moments."

For LPC's Straight Street Books (non-fiction) - We are looking for good non-fiction however, we have little market for memoirs. We would like to see solid non-fiction inspirational books, books that both help and lead the reader in their personal lives that may include overcoming adversities with a strong Christian worldview. Our books do not necessarily have to be geared to the Christian market but we like to see the strength and hope of a relationship with Christ gently threaded through. Books with a strong moral value do not have to scream Christianity but teach Him through our thoughts and actions that reflect Him. 

How can a conferee best prepare for an appointment with you?

When you meet with me, I prefer a one-sheet and a business card. I will not carry home proposals on the plane, rather I will ask for you to send them to me via email should I find one that meets our needs. I look forward to talking with you about your ideas and even brainstorming with you a bit. 

Write to Publish will be held June 3 – 6
in the Chicago area.

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