Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Write-to-Publish Faculty Interview: Helen Lee, InterVarsity Press

Briefly describe your publishing house.

InterVarsityPress has been publishing thoughtful Christian books for nearly 70 years. Our current publishing program is focused on three imprints:
  • IVP Books offers general-interest books in categories like Christian living, discipleship, evangelism, missions, apologetics and cultural critique. Within this imprint, we have several lines: Formatio (focused on spiritual formation), Praxis (church ministry and resources) and Crescendo (written by women). 
  • IVP Academic offers books designed for research and classroom use in areas such as biblical studies, theology, philosophy, science and psychology.
  • IVP Connect offers study guides, multimedia curriculum and foundational resources for churches and small groups.
InterVarsity Press is a division of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA.

Do you publish first-time authors?

Yes, we do. However, the proposal and platform have to be compelling for us to work with first-time authors.

How can a writer best prepare for an appointment with you?

Take the time to understand IVP as a publisher. Spend time perusing our books and our lines. We often receive proposals from people who have not done this, which can be frustrating when their book idea clearly does not match our profile as a publisher. Also, be able to articulate your book idea succinctly and explain what makes your idea distinct in the marketplace. 

Anything else you would like to add or any specific current needs?

I would prefer not to answer questions on "how do I grow my platform?" There are many other places you can find good resources to address that question, as this is not my area of expertise.

 Write to Publish will be held June 3 – 6 in the
Chicago area. 

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