Saturday, June 13, 2015

One Step Forward

I have just returned from the writers conference I attend each year. I met people who love to write, those who want to write and some who make a living writing. Those who have books and articles published were searching for their next project.

It is good to talk with other writers and be encouraged and inspired by them. But, now I am home and I have to be diligent and continue to write. 

Sometimes I don’t know where to start, I have so many notes and possibilities from last week. When I'm not sure what to do first, I journal and pray and take that first step. 

Sometimes after you take that first step, the next step becomes plain to you. Don’t stop stepping forward toward your goals.

How about you? 
How do keep on track to complete a project?

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  1. Tammy...I was not able to attend the conference this year and really missed being there. I want to thank you for the interviews you do with the faculty on your blog. They are very helpful and I have printed off many to consider contacting as I move forward with my writing. As far as goals, I make some goals of what I would like to accomplish during the year for writing and then work to accomplish them one step at a time. As I look back over this past year and all I have accomplished, I am amazed that God has opened so many doors for me. Many of those doors came from attending the writing conference last year. Thanks again.


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